A Google Translate Feature

Looking for an English translation of the Portuguese lyrics of a song (Oiça lá ó senhor vinho) by my current favourite singer, Mariza, I decided to take Google up on its offer to “translate this page.” Now the translation of plain text is hard enough, but the translation of song lyrics is really tough, and Google got maybe a C-minus on its effort. But I noticed that mousing over a sentence caused a popup that showed me the original language and invited me to offer a better translation. This is cool.

You see it below in a screenshot of Slaw translated into French by Google:


I don’t know where the suggestions wind up, but Google thanks you. Interesting to think that they’re tapping the mind of the masses here.


  1. I haven’t tried this translation tool yet, but I have to add my voice here–I love Mariza too. I saw her live in Toronto a couple of years ago. You lucky Torontonians get all the good music!