Apart from a glancing mention by Ted Tjaden in his recent post, Ozmosys – An E-mail, Website and RSS aggregator, we haven’t talked about Lexology on Slaw. That may well be because everyone already knows about it. But just in case there are one or two of our readers who are unfamiliar with it, I’m going to give you a brief description.

Lexology is a free (upon registration) re-distribution mechanism for law firm publications on particular topics. Some hundreds of firms are shown as being involved. This in itself would be handy, but what makes it an even more valuable resource is the ability you have to filter your results by area of legal practice or topic, and as well by jurisdiction. Lexology will send you one newsfeed email per day with the latest results in your chosen fields. There are, alas, no RSS feeds, presumably so that no one can take their information and repurpose it easily.


  1. Simon, you may also want to look at Linex Legal , which whilst a subscription service also brings together lawfirm publications by topic and jurisdiction. We have a sub and I find I use it more (it has rss feeds) than lexology – which I still like (although I do use lexology’s parent site , International law office for deal info .

  2. Mondaq is also free upon registration with over 5390 contributers. You also have more ability to organise content and can even set up RSS feeds. This is probably why Mondaq has over 289,700 registered users. Probably the best way to see the strength and depth of content is to see for yourself at http://www.mondaq.com

  3. Lexology does have RSS! it is available from the ‘My Account’ section of the website.