What’s Hot – According to New York Legal Tech

Here is a link to a summary of the attendee survey results from the ALM Legal Tech Conference in January.

Odd that it took this long to compile – at ABA Techshow in 1988, we were doing automated audience surveys, using unbelievably primitive tools, but real-time.

Here is the answer list to one question:

What topics do you see as hot technology issues in 2008?

Electronic Discovery 69%
Online Collaboration 32%
Knowledge Management 36%
Document Management 53%
Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity 29%
Data Security 48%
Other 13%


  1. It is interesting to look at the demographics of those who filled out the survey. A lot of vendors and, under position titles (partner, association, clerk, IT, support staff, etc.) 49 out of 118 responded “other”.

    How does this correlate to the demographic who actually attended? I am just wondering if the results are a bit skewed….

  2. The results of LegalTech are always skewed because it’s such a small sample, and because only a small fraction of attendees get to see much more than the exhibits floor.

    Better to take the pulse in Chicago last weekend.

  3. Look at “online collaboration” climbing the charts. The next big thing is just about here.

  4. Notwithstanding the attendees issues, I would say that Techshow will probably get similar results with respect to attendance to the sessions based on the topics.

  5. That’s why Dennis and Tom’s book, which Dominic is reading, is so important and timely.