The Friday Fillip

One of the joys of having iTunes on a Mac is the ability to share music with others on the same network, at work, say, or in the home. (You can do something similar on both PC and Mac with the help of Simplify Media, which mediates between your iTunes and that of those you invite to share.) And now with a new entry into the shared playlist field, Muxtape, you can upload a dozen MP3 files to make up a playlist available via a browser. Your tunes are generally available, but essentially a listener would have to know your name or the word you’ve used for your unique subdomain on Muxtape in order to find your stuff.

On the site itself there’s a sampling of a something like a hundred colour-coded playlists that get chosen randomly on each reload of the site, which is a fairly cool way to find out what other people think is good music. Phosh, for example, has songs by Common, Foreal People and The Love Committee — not my usual fare. But then, this is Friday and I need a fillip.


I’ve just discovered that you can run site search in Google if you want to find songs on Muxtape by a particular person. This makes it handy for those who like things… a little less random.

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