Adobe has done what was clearly on the cards: it’s bundled a number of the web apps it’s been gathering over the past months and is calling the unified collection


There you’ll find: the beautiful word processor, Buzzword; Adobe ConnectNow — which ZDNet esteems to be the killer app in the bunch — which lets you collaborate online, sharing your screen, etc.; Share, which enables just that; My Files, the storage place; and PDF Converter, the only disappointing aspect, which gives you the right to convert a grand total of 5 (five) files to PDFs. Clearly Adobe is hoping you’ll buy their Acrobat PDF maker. (My own suggestion would be to get an Apple computer and make all the PDFs you want for free.)

You can also download an AIR version you can run on your desktop — which seems to be essentially a Flash browser containing the suite of online apps. This will shrink to a widget, on to which you can drag and drop files.


As yet, there’s no offline capability, but I’m fairly sure it’ll be coming soon.

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