Google’s Movable Notebook

It’s been a while since I made any use of Google Notebook — mostly, I think, because I’m not much of a note-taker unless I have a project in the works, and then I’ll probably use a desktop app. But I may revisit the online application because the Official Google Notebook Blog tells us they’ve added an export function that lets you:

  • Export this notebook to Google Docs.
  • View this notebook as a web page.
  • Get updates from this notebook in Google Reader.
  • Get updates from this notebook as an RSS feed.
  • Save this notebook as an Atom document. This format can later be imported in the manage notebooks page.

I can see how the export to Google Docs or into the Atom XML format for storage could be quite handy. And I can also imagine that turning your notebook into an RSS feed source might be useful in a bunch of ways.

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