Google Builds a Browser

chrome.pngGoogle Chrome is coming. Apparently. The browser reconceived was announced in an offbeat way that only Google among the biggies could manage — by means of a comic book. Google Blogscoped has the story because it got the 38-page comic in the mail (by mail! again: only Google…) and scanned it in for our delectation.

It’s an open-source project based on Webkit, the engine that runs Safari. One of the main reasons, if not the main reason for Google’s initiative is to make this browser adept at running applications — think Google Docs et cetera.

Nothing beyond the cartoon is available for viewing yet. But keep checking your mail for episode 2…


  1. The download link is available here, but won’t go live until tomorrow am.

  2. Apparently the comic book was sent out prematurely. I find a 38 page comic book to be cumbersome–not something I’m likely to read. Christopher Penn has fortunately reduced it to two essential pages for me (from a SEO/marketing perspective): SEO more important than ever with Google Chrome.

  3. …only for Windows. Sigh.

    Well, the Mac version will be better. ;->

  4. I think the comic book idea was hilarious. I am also looking forward to testing the browser, but with so many addons in my Firefox…Do I dare change over?!