Shirky on Filters Over Information Overload

Joe Hodnicki over at the Law Librarian Blog shared this Clay Shirky presentation last week. The title of the talk was “It’s Not Information Overload, It’s Filter Failure“.

I’m with Joe here. This kind of thinking works on so many different levels. And perhaps someone, someday, will use a Guinness with Shirky as their contest prize. Would hook me in, anyway. :)



  1. How many email lists are we each on. How many RSS feeds do we read. Filters will help us focus.

    Now we need the discipline to apply them.

  2. Skirky does indeed have a memorable way of describing things. He also did a presentation that says the time to write Wikipedia articles comes from the “cognitive surplus” that the sitcom has been hiding.

    See here and here.

  3. Man, he is good. Really valuable insights on privacy, on free-riding, and on filter failure in other contexts. Worth listening to.