Zotero Must Be Doing Something Right…

Some updates on the progress of Zotero: positive reactions here and here, and a big fat corporate ‘welcome to the big leagues’ here.

I’ve been wrestling with XML to try to get a Canadian legal style in place for Zotero. Caron Rollins and others at the Diana M. Priestly Law Library at UVic already devoted considerable energies to creating such a style for Endnote gratis. Zotero’s import feature for Endnote styles (currently disabled in the beta download) would save me considerable time and trouble. I wonder where the user-generated contributions to Endnote are in this dispute. Any thoughts from Slawyers?


  1. Where is the style you are working on? If you have any particular problems with it, let me know. The time-consuming part of style development is not the XML encoding (at least for me); it’s figuring out the abstract rules.

  2. Just a thought on your “user-generated” contributions… might their status not depend on the constraints imposed on you via your university’s agreement with / license from Endnotes? Still guessing… to the extent that your styles don’t depend upon and aren’t integrated with Endnotes’ proprietary code, they should belong to you and your university, even if the motive for developing them originally was to facilitate the use of Endnotes.

  3. Boing Boing picked this up, with a link to some interesting comments…