Google It Like 2001!

I love using google as a verb (see: post headline). Keeps life interesting waiting on that C&D letter. :) google_sm.jpg

You may have come across this already in your web travels, but Google’s restore of their January 2001 index makes for some fun & interesting searching. Especially for those terms not yet coined…

As Phil Bradley points out, “Try searching for IPOD, Weblog, Twitter, “Wayne Rooney”, wii, iPhone, “David Cameron”, “credit crunch”, “sarah palin” – you’ll laugh or be amazed at just about all of the results you get!”

Or better yet, how about some legal keywords? A search for liquidated law firm Brobeck, Phleger & Harrison being an example. Or how different ediscovery looked back then… not nearly the same legal industry domination!

Anyone else care to play?


  1. Yes, well, I googled myself, didn’t I? Interesting how much I’d forgotten about old projects. Thanks to this index and the internet archive link it provides, I found an early blog-like publication of mine, caffeLATTE, that clearly shows my interest in legal research on the web. Early shades of Slaw. (I quite like the design, too.)

  2. Oh, my goodness. I had to Google me, too. (I think if I use the capital G I won’t get a C&D letter :)). So much I’d forgotten about also. I grimace at Kim Nayyer’s Legalinks – no design to like there – but, in my own defence, it was 1996 or so and an abortive MLIS project, so perhaps I can be forgiven…