On the Tip of My Tongue

No this is not a pot about wine or beer although I often advocate for the use of beverages to facilitate to relationships.

This is a post for those of us who have difficulty coming up with just the right word to add pithy to the statement. Lifehacker informed me today about Tip of My Tongue.

In a post citing the effectively named digital inspiration blog, I read:

Free word search site Tip of My Tongue makes it easy to find that word that’s just out of your fuzzy mind’s reach. Type in parameters on the left—letters the word starts with or contains, definitions it matches, and others—and the word matches appears instantly on the right.

I tested this and it proves a valuable thesaurus. I entered “respo” as a partial word and, among other things, got this excellent, usable list of words, including:

  • Irresponsibility Want of, or freedom from, responsibility or accountability.
  • Irresponsible Nor responsible; not liable or able to answer fro consequences; innocent.
  • Irresponsibly So as not to be responsible.
  • Irresponsive Not responsive; not able, ready, or inclined to respond.

I wouldn’t want to confuse irresponsibility with irresponsibly, especially if I was commenting on voter apathy.

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