Legal Information in NB Throne Speech

As delivered by the wonderfully named Herménégilde Chiasson, yesterday’s Throne Speech in Frederickton contains a paragraph on legal information.

The speech from the throne opened the third session of the 56th Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick.

* Timely access to justice is important and your government will receive the report of the Task Force on Access to Family Justice. It is expected that the report will provide recommendations for improved access to justice, expanded use of alternatives to family court, and increased access to legal information and legal assistance in family law matters. Your government will provide its response to these recommendations accordingly.


# a new Securities Transfer Act will be enacted to provide a modern framework for the transfer of shares, bonds and other securities, and promote interprovincial and international harmonization of rules;
# personal health information access and privacy legislation will be introduced to balance the individual’s right to confidentiality with the need to get information for legitimate health purposes;
# government will receive the report of the Task Force on Access to Family Justice, and respond to its recommendations accordingly;
# a Building Code Act will be enacted that establishes a chief building inspector position, promotes consumer safety, and provides for province wide adoption of the National Building Code and mandatory inspections by qualified inspectors;
# a Heritage Conservation Act will be introduced to improve heritage stewardship;
# a new Pay Equity Act will be introduced to ensure that pay equity legislation applies to all parts of the public service.

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