NetLegal – Serving Documents 2.0 is the latest legal service company to cross my radar. This Canadian company (headquartered in Charlottetown with servers inside our borders) offers several services through their site surrounding the premise of connecting people and paper electronically. The main components of their platform of services include:

NetService – firms, lawyers, and judges can choose to upload files that can then be served BY CONSENT through another Netlegal member or by fax. The fax service to the courts uses the correct forms for all Canadian jurisdictions. Judges may also set up e-filing on a case making an order that parties file through the service so that matters can proceed quickly. This is a secured case repository where the ‘owner’ of a case sets permissions for the ability to view a set of electronically uploaded files by choosing who to serve. It seems to me this is sort of a deal room concept for litigation proceedings with the most robust use, or an alternative to a courier service for moving litigation documents into the hands of the parties and the court.

NetDockets – the premise of this is to monitor activity of court filings. Primarily available for the PEI civil courts, but expanding to the Federal Court in early 2009, practitioners will be able to subscribe to content of material that fits their chosen criteria, to view case information.

NetLegalJobs – is a free service where students who have joined NetLegalStudents can search or be alerted about articling positions offered from firms that post their available positions – it is a no cost to the poster concept

NetLegalFirms – another free service which allows law firms to post a profile on a publicly accessible site to get more clients by boosting their firm’s presence on the Internet

Overall NetLegal features include:
· Electronic and fax service
· Post Articling positions
· Case document repository
· Case contact management
· Prepaid accounts
· Disbursement reports

Netlegal has partnered with the CBA to offer members discounted services. A CBA member with a prepaid account can electronically affect service for $7.00 on each person served. The concept of is interesting, the costs seem reasonable, and the responsiveness of the new hungry company is likely to be appreciated by users looking for services.

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