Worth Keeping – Hein’s Tip Recap

HeinOnline seems to be gaining market share in Canada, so I thought I’d point out that they have just released a recap of all of their search tips, which is really well-organised for long-term keeping.

Question: how many of you are subscribed? Is HeinOnline becoming a “must-have” for firms, or is it a tool better suited to academe?


  1. I had a trial of HeinOnline, but found it wasn’t useful at all. It’s definitely a great product, but it isn’t what my firm needs.

  2. Having the PDF version of so many publications saved us hours and hours of work tracking down “original versions” of publications for court when I was in the law firm.

  3. It’s a tool I personally use every week, together with the SSRN. The trick is to get articles that are responsive to needs, so this is not a situation where you want to go fishing. Specific search parameters and advanced search. That said I must say that I miss the Legal Resources Index as a way of getting oriented in the academic literature.

  4. I really appreciate that the Alberta Law Libraries offer in library access to this resource. Thanks for passing on the recap Wendy. It is especially useful for infrequent users.