A Few Book Notes From Nungambakkam

This will be a brief post, since I’m on a dial-up connection from Nungambakkam in South India where it’s a balmy 30 degrees – and the word snow doesn’t appear to be in the vocabulary.

The ABA has just published The Little Red Book of Wine Law by Carol Robertson, which might just have been triggered by Slaw’s notes on the same subject and our more recent update.
The ABA President blurbs thus:

“Fans of law, golf and wine alike will enjoy these well-written and entertaining works. I give the Little Green Book to my golf hosts as thank-you gifts, and I plan to do the same for others with the just-released Little Red Book.”


Then over at the latest issue of The Law Society Gazette, a feature on what it takes to be a successful legal writer – i.e. one whose work is read by someone other than the client, the judge or the tenure committee.

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