Reaching for the Dreams Inside…

♬When will my reflections show
Who I am inside?♬

Written by Matthew Wilder and David Zippel, recorded by Christina Aguilera.

We are at an important transition point – when one year ends and a fresh new one is about to begin. The point is an important legal, celestial and financial one – while the world isn’t much different following the crossing of the line from one year to the next, that crossing signifies the closing of a circle, the closing of financial books and the start of determining the passage of time for the consequences of events that happened during the year. Part of the symbolic letting go of the past is turning to embrace the future. However, lawyers, being concerned with governing future actions based on past precedent, are not typically suited by training to embrace planning, goal setting and a strategic mindset. Furthermore, many will cite the universal truth that nothing ever goes according to plan. But this overlooks the biggest benefit of planning which is not to produce a plan but rather to envision different futures and your personal time scale and place within these futures.

This year coming may well be one of the most challenging facing us in decades. Accordingly, engaging in deciding how to face the potential difficulties facing us in the days to come is time well spent. Setting personal, financial and career goals along with milestones for their achievement puts a foundation and calendar onto the planning. Deciding what is important allows you to devote time and energy towards these goals – while equally letting go of others. Planning takes into consideration succession and the necessity of coping with our own limited time span. With that as a backdrop, perhaps our reflections will show who we are inside and how we can then reprioritize our time and resources in order to set aside time to reach for some dreams as well.

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