Avoiding a Malpractice Claim: The 2008 Most Popular practicePRO/LAWPRO Downloads

practicePRO, LAWPRO’s risk management and claims prevention initiative, provides lawyers with tools and resources to help them succeed in the practice of law and avoid a malpractice claim (see this article for information on the most common legal malpractice claims).

As we have completed another year we have updated our most popular downloads list. What are other lawyers looking at? The top 5 downloads were as follows:

1 Peg Duncan’s Canadian focused E-Discovery Reading List
2 Rollie Thompson’s article on the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines
3 A LAWPRO Magazine article on The Dangers of Metadata
4 A sample law firm budget spreadsheet in PDF format (XLS format is here)
5 Directions for Enabling Security Features on Wireless Access Point or router

Other top downloads included:

You can see the full list of the 2008 most popular practicePRO/LAWPRO downloads
here. Many malpractice claims are easily preventable – use these tools and resources to reduce the likelihood you will face a claim.

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