Ot 9

As this is my first post of 09, I thought I would look back to my predictions from 08 to see how my forecasting abilities fared.

  • HIT – Online/Technology Privacy will become a much bigger issue in the mainstream.
  • MISS – Someone or thing makes a small dent in Google’s search monopoly owing to privacy concerns (see Ask Eraser).
  • Can’t really be determined yet – The settlement of the Hollywood writer’s strike will have implications for the online distribution of content that are not yet anticipated.
  • I think I’ll renew this one for 2010 – Google, MS or another larger fish will make an astronomical offer for Facebook.
  • DING, DING, DING, WINNER – There will be a Federal election.
  • See Spring 2009 – There will be an election in Nova Scotia.
  • Fish in a barrel – I will make at least one Slaw post tying sports to law.
  • See, fish in barrel – Simon F, will discover some really neat web widget and post it in a Slaw Friday fillup.
  • Social networking still pretty big, Libraries still not hip – Libraries still, won’t fully figure out social networking, meanwhile something new will become the next big thing.
  • Again, fish in a barrel – At least one Slaw-yer will do something extremely innovative this year.

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