Want to Go to the Big Apple?

LegalTech New York (this year February 2 to 4 at the NY Hilton) want the blogosphere to come to the party.

They’ve announced complimentary passes to bloggers, with front-row mains power access seating for bloggers in each room. On the second day, following ABA TechShow‘s Bloggers’ Ball model, Legal Tech has a bloggers’ breakfast from 9 to 10.

[I can’t resist commenting on how great the design is of the ABA page in comparison with the ALM LegalTech, though as a former TechShow chair, I might well be biased.]

LegalTech has always enjoyed strong exhibit space and it should be a great opportunity to meet the elite of the east coast legal blogosphere.

Bloggers who would like a complimentary pass should pitch Jill Windwer, vice president of digital products at Incisive Media, jill.windwer-AT-incisivemedia.com.

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