People of the New Nation: Obama ’09 Inauguration Wordle

Many people are distracted today, and I thought this might be a bit of a “Tuesday Fillip”. This word cloud shows the use of terms in Barack Obama’s Inauguration speech today. The more often a word or phrase, the larger it will appear.

Source: Barack Obama Inauguration 2009 Wordle
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Link courtesy of L.J. Montserrat.


  1. Good catch, Connie. I like this sort of thing. Take a look at what Read/WriteWeb does with Wordle’s cloud tool. They’ve got Obama’s in colour (differently arranged from yours, Connie) and for comparison they’ve got the clouds from G.W.Bush’s second address, Clinton’s second address, and Reagan’s first. Notice how the two Republicans emphasize “freedom” and how that word is absent from Obama’s cloud (so far as my failing eyes can tell).

  2. Very nice! The colour makes it even more visually dramatic. The word freedom is there (on this one above, somewhere below “America”) but is certainly not as prominent as with Bush’s speech. Without having read through Bush’s speech, I expect he was trying to talk about fighting against terrorism without being negative, which meant talking about the American ideal of freedom.