The Future of Computing?

A peer recently brought this image to my attention and it immediately caught my attention and spoke to me. The image is from an article entitled, “What will a World of Warcraft player look like in 2030?”. If, by some chance, you are not familiar with the World of Warcraft, suffice it to say that it is an internet gaming phenomena that has wasted countless hours and more than a few thousand dollars of tuition. The title of the image has been co-opted in various locations to “The future of gaming?” and I have further co-opted it here to the future of computing? Perhaps? Perhaps not? Personally, I would much rather be surrounded by wilderness, overlooking a river or lake, but I also have to admit that my laptop and wireless connection have indispensable. Nonetheless, the image speaks to me, I hope it says something to Slaw-ers too.


  1. My wife would tell you it is a picture of me behind my Blac kberry… She is wroong: I am sure this lucky guy has 3D!