Who What Where

Pew Internet has released a demographic of Twitter users. Hat Tip to the Law Librarian Blog.

No surprises that Twitter users are mostly young, urban, mobile, and they also use other social media. The report reveals the comparative median age of major social networking sites:

  • Facebook – 26
  • MySpace – 27
  • Twitter – 31
  • LinkedIn – 40

Broad source demographic information (Americans as a whole group + or – 3% accuracy) is interesting, but it may not give organizations the right kind of data for decisions making.

It is great to see stats that might give a picture of my incoming articling students. They are most likely young, urban, use mobile technology and they may be social networkers, probably with Facebook.

Anyone who watches trends, or listens to conversations in trains could tell you that mobile technologies, and social networking is growing amoung young people. Some of those young people are my future colleagues, and yours too.

Is it time to confirm our perceptions on probability? Should someone do a study of social networking use among Canadian law students?

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