Green Notes From LibraryLand

Here are a few interesting projects, ideas, and initiatives highlighted on library blogs over the last couple of days. First, from Instructibles, how to build a high-speed book scanner from spare parts, trash, and cheap cameras, for about $300. According to the author, this is for a “greener future with more books rather than fewer books.”

Next, Free Green, a place to get free building plans that are energy efficient and green in other ways. Each one comes with detailed stats on energy consumption, materials, etc. They also offer advice customization, and finding builders. The site is a bit thin, but certainly the first I’ve seen of open source architecture.

Then Project Laundrylist, which promoted air-drying of clothes for energy conservation and community building (maybe stretching things a bit there)… and which also offers this evidence of global warming for doubters:

Finally, my last green entry, which at least is actually green. I think I’d like one of these:

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