Lawyers’ Rights Watch

It seems that we’ve not yet managed to talk about Lawyers’ Rights Watch Canada on Slaw, an unfortunate omission. LRWC is a committee of lawyers who work to protect the very people — lawyers — who promote human rights around the world. In their concise summary:

LRWC seeks to identify illegal actions against advocates, campaign for the cessation of such actions and lobby for the implementation of effective immediate and long-term remedies.

They list their campaigns by country (some 50) on their website, including, I should note, Canada and six instances of what the LRWC felt to be violation of international standards here. There is a long list of relevant publications available on their site.

Take a look at this quietly worthwhile organization and consider joining. You might also want to follow them on Twitter, too.


  1. We may not have talked about them specifically, but I used them as a source in one of my blog posts about Omar Khadr. Looks like I missed that important apostrophe when I cited them.

  2. Sorry to have missed your reference, Connie. I think you’re right and that my search with the apostrophe didn’t pick up your mention. Still, it’s a group that’s worth mentioning twice, no?