LCO: Extending Our Reach

I’ve talked before about how important outreach and consultation are to the Law Commission of Ontario. We try to reach professional organizations and groups (lawyers, of course, but others, too, such as engineers, architects and accountants so far) and community-based groups (the Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres, and the Council on Aging Frontenac-Kingston, to name two of many), as well as legal clinics which are a bit of a hybrid. Now we’ve allocated additional resources to this commitment.

Our new Community Outreach Coordinator Margaret Hageman, joined us on August 31st. Margaret was previously the Communications and Marketing Manager at Family Service Toronto where she initiated a major campaign around Family Day. Margaret will be responsible for working with the heads of projects on their project-based consultations, with me on our general outreach and with Janice Williams, my/LCO Executive Assistant, on organizing conferences, symposia, roundtables and the like.

With Margaret’s assistance, we intend to extend our consultation and outreach geographically and to reach groups we have been less successful in reaching to date, as well as be more creative in how we carry out consultations. We are pro-active in our consultation/outreach processes, but we certainly want to hear from groups who want to hear from us. Margaret can be reached at

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