Live Auction for NHL Franchise

If you’re a hockey fan, you probably know about the current dispute between the NHL and RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie. You may also know about the court auction that is taking place right now – as of the writing of this post anyway – to determine the ownership of the Phoenix Coyotes.

TSN is covering the event, and using a live blogging tool called to capture the play-by-play. It’s a one way communication tool in that the reporter is publishing, and receiving comments, but isn’t interacting or responding to those comments.

It also translates to different languages, and has a twitter advertising function – ie. it doesn’t live tweet, but allows you to tell others about the page in question.

Having taken in the last NHL draft day and trading deadline day on twitter, I can certainly say that sports reporting has changed for the web-savvy fan. Now it would seem that sports reporters are set to apply the same real-time reporting when it comes to sports-related courtroom events.

At least as long as we have Judges who allow mobile devices in the courtroom.

Update: The above link has changed from the live blog to a regular story. Day 2 coverage is here, but will likely be removed in a similar fashion tomorrow.

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