Certificate in Copyright Management

A Certificate in Copyright Management, originally developed for special librarians, is now open to all. The Certificate is offered from Copyrightlaws.com jointly with the Special Library Association/Click University. It consists of 5 online courses and 2 in-person courses, leading the participant from an introduction to copyright management to digital issues to teaching others in their organizations about copyright. Canadians take the primer on Canadian copyright law rather than the U.S. copyright law primer, and all other courses deal specifically with Canadian and U.S. law as well as international copyright and licensing issues. The first course, which is a 2 week interactive online course, Introduction to Copyright Management, begins October 26, 2009, and will be offered again beginning January 25, 2010. All remaining courses are offered between February and June 2010, and participants have 24 months to complete all 7 courses and receive the Certificate. Individual courses may also be taken by those not seeking the Certificate. See: www.clickuniversity.com.

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