Pocket Parts or Web Updates

Today, we received an email update that said:

Dear e-note subscriber:

Please be advised that s. 255 of the Criminal Code was amended by 2008, c. 6 and c. 18, as well as by a coordinating amendment (S.C. 2008, c. 18, s. 45.2), which was omitted in error. The coordinating amendment affects subsecs. (3.1) and (3.3).

The Criminal Code is amended by 2009, c. 22, ss. 1 to 19; to come into force by order of the Governor in Council. As well, the Approved Breath Analysis Instruments Order (s. 254 of the Code) has been amended by SOR/2009-205, s. 1, in force June 25, 2009, and the Approved Screening Devices Order (s. 254 of the Code) has been amended by SOR/2009-239, s. 1, in force August 6, 2009.

This is great information and I am very glad to have it, but…

Martin’s, like some other bound texts, has pocket parts. I refer to a sticky pocket that is meant to be pasted in the back of a book and populated with print supplements sent by publishers.

After confirming with the publisher that pocket parts with updated information still exist and presumably will be sent to me, the question then was “What do we do with this email update?”

My staff and I have decided to read, share with those in the firm we know will have an interest and delete. We have trained our users to look for pocket parts. They are kept with the item. They don’t require a password or an open-this-software action. Are we on the right track?


  1. What about printing it out & stick into the pocket until something more “permanent” is sent to you?