Lawyers – on Video. Launch of OMG! Law Talk

It’s something I’ve always wondered about. How do you use video, presumably on YouTube, without looking like you’re advertising like this guy.

I got together with some of the most savvy lawyers I know in the area, and we sat around talking about why we blog, why litigators are often reluctant to participate, and a couple other issues. We forgot about the camera that was filming us, and took a look at the footage after we were done.

The musical intro/outro is us too – Garry Wise and Michael Carabash are pretty talented musicians on the guitar.

We liked what we saw and thought others might want in on the conversation as well, so after Garry tirelessly editing away we finally posted it online today.

Tell us what you think, and let us know if this a better approach to entering the video realm by actually providing content.


  1. I enjoyed your discussion, appreciate that it is only 10 minutes in length, and look forward to future videos. Oh, and clever name! Took me a little while to clue in that OMG are your first names, but of course there is a dual meaning. Nice.

  2. Love you new OMG! lawtalk videos….been posting them on my blog “daily video clip” (yesterday’s clip) and today’s “tip of the day” clip

    I think my audience will enjoy your video blogs.

    Thanks Omar!