This Week’s Biotech Highlights

This past week was fantastic for Toronto biotech. We hosted the 50th Anniversary of the Gairdner Awards, the OGI-IDT Synthetic Biology Symposium and Canada’s first Science Policy Conference. These events provided the opportunity to hear some big names do some big thinking… and the opportunity to reduce all those big thoughts to 140-character tweets @crossborderbio. Here are a few items from the Cross-Border Biotech Blog that got in on the fun as well:

Also notable this week: the Cross-Border Biotech Blog’s science writer, Richard Chan, was thinking big in the Friday Science Review. It has all the usual coverage of cool Canadian publications, plus Richard has branched out into science reporting, noting a Canada-California research collaboration and an international ranking of the best places to work in academia that includes Dalhousie and the University of Toronto.

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