New Canadian Kindle Ordered!

It’s the 6-inch International version (not the DX), so we still can claim to be capital of the digital third world. But my new Kindle was just ordered via (not .ca) and shipped to north of the border! ($311.06 USD, yes we’re getting hosed! see photo below)

The news stories are already across the Canadian media, but to cite a few: Gillian Shaw, National Post, Reuters

Full credit for the lovely photo below to Engadget.



  1. Hey Steve, we’re experimenting with the newest Sony e-reader. Would be very interested to hear your impressions of the Kindle. I’m still pondering the role of libraries vis a vis readers. Toronto Public Library seems to be in the “content” business, but I’ve read some interesting case studies from US libraries (academic) which are lending Kindles.

  2. The best comment was Gerry Flahive’s in this morning’s Globe which is right there with the MacKenzie Bros: Here is an extract

    * Read for Weeks on a Single Charge: Your Kindle’s power, however, will shut down once a day for three hours in order to fulfill proposed requirements of the international climate change treaty;
    * ‘Read-To-Me’ Text-To-Speech feature: Kindle can read newspapers, magazines and books out loud in a computer-generated version of Peter Mansbridge’s voice (on weekends, in the voice of Howie Mandel);
    * Instant Dictionary Lookup: Kindle comes loaded with a dictionary, full of just the words that appear in Hansard, the official transcript of the House of Commons;
    * Kindle Canada is HST-ready – no need to manually calculate the seven compounding sales taxes on your purchase! It’s the gift you’ll want to co-purchase with a group of nine or 10 friends!
    * ‘I Love My Province!’ feature: Due to a number of complex, overlapping and bitter interprovincial trade disputes, a book you download in one province cannot be read in another. However, our new partnership arrangements mean that you can read Via Rail menus, schedules and emergency-window-breaking-procedures manuals seamlessly all across Canada! Not to mention back issues of the Canadian Tire catalogue, and trans-Canada Zellers coupons!
    * Like to share your books? No problem. Each Kindle is coated with a thin, durable layer of Purell hand-sanitizer.
    * Canadians are said to have 37 words for “beige,” and you can order your Kindle in any one of them, including “Pallid,” “Pre-washed Khaki” and “Pasta.”