Mobile Access for Westlaw Canada

Have a Blackberry or iPhone? Need to see a case or note it up?

Westlaw Canada now has a Mobile browser. or

Password required of course.


  1. Thanks for getting the word out about this Shaunna. Westlaw Wireless allows you to retrieve a specific document by entering its citation or one or more parties’ names; print or e-mail citations to multiple users and verify your research to make sure a case is good law by using KeyCite Canada. It works beautifully with Westlaw Canada when you search by citation.

    You can also query a database to search for documents on Westlaw Canada or Westlaw using the search method you prefer: Natural Language or Terms and Connectors. This does not work as beautifully yet because you have to remember the database identifier, eg. CAN-ALLCASES, and this is the reason we have not yet publicized this application in Canada. While we work on customizing this to allow quick access to our databases we will provide users with tip cards to remind them of the commonly used Canadian database abbreviations.

    Users can access Westlaw Wireless using their usual Westlaw Canada password. Access is included in your Westlaw Canada subscription.

    Now that the “cat is out of the bag”, please try it out and give us your feedback.


    Rachel Francis
    Director-Legal Market
    Carswell, a Thomson Reuters Business

  2. It’s very handy for finding a case you know and locating a passage in the case when you know where the passage is if the case is long. I didn’t see a “find within result” option nor a last (few) search trails shortcut. Versions of those would be nice.