Slaw in the Holidays

The shortest day of the year is perhaps a fitting day to remind you that we’re going to be taking it a bit easier at Slaw for the next couple of weeks. Posting will likely be less frequent, and probably nil on some days. The holidays also mean that there won’t be a guest firm blogger this month — we couldn’t get Claus and Co. to agree — and everyone else seems to have plans to be off enjoying themselves.

When we come back in the new year, we’ll be starting on an extended process of improving Slaw in a number of respects. And we’ll be asking for your advice. So over the coming vacation days, as you crank up the footrest on your recliner and sip at your favourite festive tipple, give a thought now and then to how we can make this blog better.

We thank you for letting us regale you with our mix of messages — and we wish you all a peaceful and restorative holiday.

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