Standing Out From the Crowd

Most law firms are telling the same story, according to this article, which makes it very difficult, if not impossible, to distinguish one from the other.

Developing a unique, identifiable and distinct voice is not easy, but it begins and ends with your ability to conceive and communicate a credible story that resonates at some level with your audience. Unless you can do that, you’ll never be heard above the din of the crowd.

So why can’t most law firms do this?

No reason at all. But when it comes to law firms, there is a negative assumption that partnerships do not agree on much. Or rather, making decisions is too hard – too many opinions, too many egos.

My own firm, Watershed LLP, is new, but we have really worked hard at developing and communicating a story of our own. Time will tell if we have. We are not, of course, alone. Visit Exemplar, Shepherd Law Group and Valorem and you’ll see some excellent examples of how a unique story told with passion, honesty and commitment can resonate.

Of course, being “different” from the crowd gets you labeled a “rebel” as in the case of Patrick Lamb of Valorem and Jay Shepherd of Shepherd Law Group. If by “rebel” we mean someone who resists convention, then I figure it’s a fitting label.

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