New TV Channel on the Law

We’re used to seeing law firms breaking new ground in deploying technologies for marketing purposes, but I hadn’t seen a law firm sponsoring a television channel – and one devoted to matters legal.

What’s even more remarkable is where it’s coming from. Not some US powerhouse, or a tech-savvy firm in rural Canada.

No this news comes from Bucharest, (which as Simon reminded us Romania outranks Canada in its electronic infrastructure), where Juridic TV, the first television channel dedicated to public legal information, was launched online on February 8 and will broadcast an around-the-clock daily programme.

Among the shows to be broadcasted by Juridic TV are: People’s Court reality show – “the only show in Romania that presents real-life court trials” and Juridic TV Specialists, a programme where people’s queries regarding different fields will be answered. Plus “What should be done?,” where free legal advice-opinions are provided, “Dissatisfied with justice”, “ECHR Cases” and “Headline Trials.” At the same time, a Juridic news show will be broadcasted every Tuesday and Thursday.

It’s funded by Coltuc law office to the sum of €150000. The website (courtesy of Google’s Romanian to English translator) says:

We continuously monitor several key milestones:

a) LEGAL TV knowledge helps free the judiciary in Romania.
b) LEGAL TV checks increasing abuses of justice
c) LEGAL TV brings legal order through its broadcasts to every citizen in the house.

Coltuc blogs here.


  1. The Quebec Bar Association is doing a TV show on the law which was launched in Oct. 2009. They also did one a while back. It is and was very successful.