The Torys LLP iPhone App

Remember Steve MatthewsWeb Law Predictions for 2010?

Mobile Web Becomes Important: The mobile web made some major inroads in 2009, but I expect it to become a priority in 2010. By year’s end, expect to be sick of iPhone application launches from the legal industry – both from vendors and law firms. Also expect an increase in law firms launching mobile versions of their website, mobile friendly extranets, and hopefully in all this – something innovative and useful!

Earlier today Torys LLP launched a free app for iPhones and iPads:

  • get our latest news
  • read our publications on current legal issues
  • access our directory and profiles of lawyers, IP agents and paralegals
  • view and share our videos
  • find us via GPS and receive live directions to our offices

In conjunction with their videos which have proved to be an international hit, this might be the first move of its kind by a major Canadian law firm as far as I can tell.

The GPS features might be useful for visitors to Toronto, or the hapless OCI student trying to find their way to an in-firm interview.
The app might even be useful for that cocktail party where you know the lawyer across the room works at Torys, and quite embarrassingly cannot remember their name. We actually pulled that stunt last night (with a different firm).

I’m not sick of these apps yet, so keep them coming.

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