This Week’s Biotech Highlights

This week in biotech, the value was all in the network. Here’s the run-down, from serious to Colbert:

I took a look at the reasons why biotech companies aren’t using social media very much, even though they should. Biotech companies seem to fall in the “late majority” of social media adopters, so those who are online now are the “early adopters” among biotechs, and without many online peers, the value is low. Critical mass is building, though.

Another kind of network — this one of expat Canadians — was spawned recently. C100 is “a select group of Canadians based primarily in Silicon Valley” who are “dedicated to supporting Canadian technology entrepreneurship and investment.” Look forward to seeing some “bio” with that “tech,” folks.

On a third kind of network, The Colbert Report weighed in on the gene patenting debate, defending Myriad as well as his own (NSFW) biologic. (U.S. visitors, try this link.)

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