CALL Innovation Gallery

Hello from Windsor. Like many of my Slaw colleagues, I am lucky to be attending the Canadian Association of Law Libraries Annual Conference this week. The conference has been interesting, invigorating, and energizing so far. 

This evening, an event was held at the University of Windsor Law School, sponsored by Canada Law Book. The event was titled “Innovation gallery”, but really, it was a speed dating event with presentations by a number of very talented people.

Conference attendees had an opportunity to attend five 10 minute presentations highlighting a variety of interesting projects, including:

  • “Developing an On-Line Search Thesaurus for Civil Justice Resources” presented by Bradley Albrecht
  • “Full-text Search and E-Commerce with Access CLE at the Great Library” presented by Olcay Atacan
  • “Advantages of Mind Mapping in Libraries” presented by Nathalie Belanger
  • “Expanding our Online Offerings with the Annotated Nova Scotia Civil Procedure Rules” presented by Deborah Copeman and Susan Jones
  • McGill Library Expanded Course Reserves Project” presented by Maryvon Cote
  • “The Training Librarian’s Toolbox” presented by Liana Giovando
  • “Achieving Legal Research Literacy using Blended Learning and Learning Community Strategies” presented by Julie Lavigne
  • “How to Plead: Essential Elements” presented by Ted Tjaden

The difficult part of the evening was leaving each 10 minute session.
If you are wondering what those library people are doing, I can tell you that they are creating enormous contributions to their organizations and to the legal community.

I look forward to sharing more from the conference this week. 


  1. Thank you for sharing this, Shaunna. I am over the moon about the things I saw (and I only got to about half of them). I found what our colleagues are doing to be very inspiring!