Baby Barista Bails From Times

Tim Kevan, author of BabyBarista, the fictitious and amusing “worm’s eye view of the English bar,” has withdrawn the column from The Times where it ran for years, because of that paper’s decision to put its content behind a paywall. (See the piece on Slaw from last month.). BabyBarista is now a free-standing — and still free — blog.

The new main page sports a raft of cartoon illustrations by Alex Williams and potted biographies of the main players in BabyB’s life at the law, characters such as OldRuin, TheCreep, OldSmoothie, UpTights, and JudgeFetish.

[hat tip Charon QC]


  1. David Cheifetz

    It’s remarkable how much more sanguine – let’s say accepting – the English are of satire of this sort than many in the Canadian profession seem to be. For example, I’ve been using the “baby lawyer” description – I doubt it’s original to me – for years in private conversation to describe the foibles of those new to the profession, and the conduct of those who aren’t but act as if they are. Let’s leave it that I’ve received more than one “askance” look from members of the profession who weren’t the subject of the commment.


  2. Thanks very much for the post. Much appreciated. I’ve given it a mention in a new post of my own as wel as adding my own view on paywalls. Best wishes, Tim