Benefits of Cloud Computing

HBR’s blog post “How Cloud Computing Can Transform Business” (June 4) provides a clear brief overview of cloud computing and its benefits to organizations. It argues that cloud computing’s low cost and agility allow it to deliver real business value. The post goes on to provide the definition of cloud computing and its five main characteristics according to the National Institute of Standards and Testing, part of the US Department of Commerce:

  • On-demand self service.
  • Broad network access, mobile and multi-device.
  • Resource pooling.
  • Rapid elasticity.
  • Measured service.

It illustrates how Silicon Valley Education Foundation’s use of cloud computing enabled it to respond quickly to a valuable business opportunity, and it concludes by linking to the HyperStratus Cloud Computing Agility Checklist, which provides ten conditions that indicate a business case for adopting cloud computing.


  1. I found a great video on this topic which gives a framework of questions to evaluate if you should go to the Cloud and how to assess whether to have a public cloud, a private cloud or a hybrid solution [regardless of who is providing the cloud i.e. Amazon, SalesForce, Windows Azure]

    “Bridging the Gap from On-Premises to the Cloud” by Yousef Khalidi:


    hope that helps,

  2. Here is an article that I like about the killer benefit of cloud computing: