Papers From the 2010 CBA Niagara Conference

UPDATE: I’ve been informed that the papers are reserved for those who attended only. Please, then, treat this simply as a list of papers that were in fact given. Presumably, a request to the author or the the CBA might result in your obtaining a copy with permission.

The CBA’s 2010 Canadian Legal Conference in Niagara Program Papers are available via the conference website. Below the fold is a linked list of all the nearly 40 papers currently available (more may be added to the CBA site), arranged simply in the order in which they appear on the program. All are PDF files.

  1. La famille en évolution et le droit by Suzanne Pringle
  2. La contribution de l’intelligence émotionnelle à la communauté juridique by Raymond David
  3. Changements climatiques et commerce international by Bernard Colas
  4. The International Carbon Market: Post-2012 International Negotiations by Florence Dagicour
  5. Reducing Risk Through Effective Practice Management by George Hendy, Patrick Cassidy, and David Paul
  6. GLBT Families and Assisted Reproductive Technologies by Joanna Radbord
  7. Trade-marks, and the Federal Court: A primer and tips for young lawyers seeking to understand trade-marks and develop a Federal Courts practice by Steven J.R. Seiferling
  8. Investment Powers: A Comparison of Jurisdictions for Charitable Organizations by C. Yvonne Chenier
  9. Investment Powers of Charities and Not-for-profit Organizations in Canada appendix to Chenier paper
  10. Provincial Borders Are Not Imaginary Lines: Operating Inter-Provincially in Canada by Adam Aptowitzer
  11. A Comparison of Corporate Jurisdictions for Charitable Organizations by Karen J. Cooper and Jane Burke-Robertson
  12. The Canada Not-For-Profit Corporations Act – A New Corporate Framework for Federal Not-For-Profits by Melanie A. McDonald
  13. Technology in Litigation: Friend or Foe by Simon V. Potter
  14. Late-in-Life Marriages: Love, Heartbreak, and Family Law Matters by Karon C. Bales
  15. Family Law and the Blended Family: An Introduction to the Basic Law by John-Paul Boyd
  16. The Women’s Court of Canada: Reflections on a Radical Experiment by Denise G. Réaume
  17. Rewriting Equality: The Pedagogical Use of Women’s Court of Canada Judgments by Denise G. Réaume
  18. The Women’s Court of Canada: A Valuable Resource for Legal Practice by Sarah J. Lugtig
  19. Developing an Appealing Personality by Eugene Meehan
  20. Far-flung Families: Family Law Across Borders by John-Paul Boyd
  21. Power of Attorney Jurisdictional Issues by Margaret E. Rintoul
  22. The ‘Predatory Marriage’, its Consequences, and Costs in Capacity Proceedings by Kimberly Ann Whaley and Amy Cull
  23. Les fondements historiques et constitutionnels de la dualité linguistique dans l’Ouest canadien : La Reine c. Gilles Caron by G. Rupert Baudais
  24. Canada’s Native Languages: The Right of First Nations to Educate Their Children in Their Own Languages by David G. Leitch
  25. Les droits linguistiques des peuples autochtones du Canada by Serge Rousselle
  26. New Solution to Old Problems by Pascale Daigneault
  27. Les téléphones intelligents – La façon efficace de demeurer branché sur la planète by Monique Veillette
  28. Grey Goods vs. Counterfeit Goods – What’s The Difference? by Michael D. Manson
  29. Preventing Product Piracy in the United States by Mark Schonfeld
  30. Cultivating Leadership I: Honing Your Leadership Skills by Karen MacKay
  31. Taking The Lead: New to the Job? Engaging Your People? by Karen MacKay
  32. A Collective Shrug of the Shoulders: What’s a Leader To Do About Apathy? by Karen MacKay
  33. Taking The Lead: Steering Your Firm through Uncharted Waters by Karen MacKay
  34. Technologies for Solo/Small Firm, Home, and Mobile Lawyers – 2010 Update by Richard G. Ferguson
  35. Working Better Faster And Cheaper: 60 Tips in 90 Minutes by Daniel Edward Pinnington, Richard G. Ferguson, Donna S.M. Neff, and Julia E. Cornish
  36. Top 10 things you should know when crossing the Canada/US Border by Chantal Arsenault and Aleksandar Stojicevic
  37. The Impact of the HST on Real Estate Lawyers” and “TELUS’ Assyst Real Estate by Alan Silverstein

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