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The Real Risk of an Economic Death

Economic Death occurs when a prolonged disability prevents you from earning a living and you have no other source of income. You are still alive, but have been become a financial burden on your family, friends and society. This can have a profound impact on you and your family’s future and for some it’s a fate worse than death. 

Think the risk is low? You may be surprised to learn that during your working years, the odds of suffering a disability are much greater than the odds of dying prematurely. According to actuarial tables, between ages 35 to 65, 3 . . . [more]

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Staying Relevant in Legal Publishing

The two leading Canadian legal publishers, Carswell Thomson and LexisNexis Butterworths, have something in common – both face a major challenge for continuing relevance in the Canadian market. Interestingly enough, the real challenge does not come from each other, but from free services and technological advances, and increasingly from small but nimble legal publishers committed to the delivery of high quality competitively priced products. How each of them responds to this challenge will determine their ultimate role as providers of legal information in the Canadian legal market.

Meeting the challenge has been made more difficult because of the unrealistic expectations . . . [more]

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Civic Holiday Today

As we said last year on the first Monday in August:

Slaw will be quieter than usual today: it’s the August civic holiday here in most of Canada, which, as befits our particular federation, goes by various names across the land —

Alberta (Heritage Day)
British Columbia (British Columbia Day)
Manitoba (Civic Holiday)
New Brunswick (New Brunswick Day)
Northwest Territories (Civic Holiday)
Nova Scotia (Natal Day)
Nunavut (Civic Holiday)
Ontario (John Galt Day + Simcoe Day + others)
Prince Edward Island (Natal Day)
Saskatchewan (Saskatchewan Day)

[source: Wikipedia]

– or is not celebrated at all, as in Newfoundland & Labrador, . . . [more]

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A Tale of Two Carnivals

No, this is not about Caribana taking place in Toronto this Simcoe Day long weekend. Rather, it is about two reciprocal blog carnivals that were posted yesterday. You may recall a blog carnival is a review of recent blog posts on a topic that rotates around, hosted on different blogs. While the subject matter may be serious, blog carnivals have a playful element. You may also recall we hosted Blawg Review (the law blog carnival) #249, here on in February, written by Omar Ha-Redeye.

This time around, Ed, the Editor of Blawg Review, and Charles H. Green, co-author . . . [more]

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Review of UK Takeover Bid Regulations

Earlier this week the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) called for a tightening of the Takeover Code because too many British companies were being taken over by foreign interests,

It agrees with business secretary Vince Cable that many mergers fail to create value for shareholders, and that our liberal takeover regime means British firms attract more bids than European and US competitors.

The CBI’s views were contained in its submission to the Takeover Panel, which is reviewing the rules after last year’s uproar over the £11.7bn takeover of Cadbury by Kraft of the US. The public consultation on possible reforms

. . . [more]
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