Centre for Law and Democracy

Based in Halifax, NS, the Centre for Law and Democracy is a non-profit organization that

promotes respect for those human rights which serve as the foundation of democracy. This includes the right to information, the right to participate and to vote, freedom of expression, and the rights to assembly and association. CLD specialises in providing legal and policy expertise on these rights globally.

If your work touches on human rights, you’ll find some useful material here. There are published papers and reports (e.g. “Hate Speech Rules Under International Law, February 2010“) and a section on Legal Work, containing analyses of draft laws from various jurisdictions and a few examples of laws the CLD was asked to help draft, as well as some material on various projects in which the CLD is involved.

I might say that I’m happy to see a former colleague, Alex Neve, on the Board of Directors. Alex has been Secretary General of Amnesty International Canada since 2000.

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