Blackberry Playbook – RIM Enters Tablet Wars

Given that lawyers are heavy users of Blackberrys, most Slaw readers will already know that RIM just announced the Playbook tablet, which is an iPad competitor.

RIM has taken an interesting approach. It is designed for business users, and as a companion device that will tether to a Blackberry. Indeed, its promo hits heavily on features that the iPad has been criticized for lacking – such as a forward facing camera, and usb. It may very well be a compelling choice for Blackberry users.

While it was just announced, it is not available until early 2011. I suspect it was announced so far in advance for a couple of reasons. To try to convince Blackberry users to wait rather than buy an iPad now. And to give the developer community time to create apps for its launch. After all, the apps are as important as the device.

For the record, I think the iPad is a game changer, and want one badly – but am waiting for either the 2nd generation iPad, or a worthy competitor.

More details can be found in this engadget post about its intro (which has a copy of RIM’s press release) , engadget’s post comparing the Playbook, the iPad, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and the Dell Streak. Also Wired Gadget lab’s post about its intro, and it’s comparison.

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