Case Law Junkies Will Like the iAnnotate Application

This is a short endorsement of the iAnnotate application for the iPad, produced by Aji and available on iTunes for $9.99.

I used to maintain piles of case law on a bookshelf, working my way though cases one highlighter at a time. I bought an iPad to rid myself of the enviro-guilt borne by my case law habit and was also happy to get rid of highlighters – my suits, shirts, linen, pets and kids too-often marked with indelible pink, green and yellow. The iPad, however, was a less than perfect replacement until I installed iAnnotate about a week ago.

iAnnotate has a been a great solution for downloading and actively reading case law. I’ve annotated cases for file work and feel good about saving them to our DMS having captured the “product” of my reading. I’ve also highlighted and annotated cases for professional development and have easily shared cases with embedded comments.

My intent is not to do a product review. For more information see Aji’s product website and its YouTube video. Save the whales!


  1. Perhaps this is the excuse I need to purchase an ipad. While this app is great for the environment, unfortunately the outdated requirement to provide casebooks to the courts still applies. 1000 Finch and Scarborough, however, have taken steps to reduce the amount of paper needed by providing a list of cases in 11(b) matters (essentially the ones that appear in casebook after casebook and that Judge’s are quite familiar with) that need not be copied and included in casebooks.

  2. This application sounds fantastic. I just wish it or something similar was available for Linux.