This Week’s Biotech Highlights

This week in biotech was pretty mellow, fellow denizens (and residents) of Slaw.

Health Canada is taking a “relaxed approach” to direct-to-consumer genetics tests, saying that personal test kits are “neither prohibited by law, nor subject to federal regulation.” This is in contrast to the U.S., where regulators have been inclined to treat the tests as regulated medical devices.

Endo Pharmaceuticals bought generics company Qualitest this week, demonstrating just how chill they are with mixing generics and innovative products. The blurring of lines between innovators and generics is part of a general re-alignment of constiuencies in the pharma industry that will impact how products are developed and protected.

Even the Ontario Emerging Technologies Fund settled into a groove this week, making an investment in NeurAxon that marks its second biotech deal and shows the fund is distributing nvestments among its three technology areas as intended.

Last but not least, everything’s cool at The Cross-Border Biotech Blog, with regular features back to making regular appearances. The Monday Biotech Deal Review is being written by my colleague Jake Cawker and the Friday Science Review is under Mark Curtis’ wing. For the latest updates in the word of biotech, stay tuned to @crossborderbio on Twitter.

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