One Week Away…

♬ Damaged goods
Send them back…♬

Music and Lyrics by: Jon King, Dave Allen; Hugo Burnham; Andrew Gill.

We are now one week away from the 2010 Consumers and ODR Conference set for Nov 2-3, 2010 in Vancouver, BC.

Peter Fogh Knudsen

Peter Fogh Knudsen

Along with the Honourable Fran Kiteley, co-Chair of the Canadian Centre for Court Technology, the other keynote speaker will be Peter Fogh Knudsen:

Peter Fogh Knudsen is the director of European Consumer Centre Denmark and has been so for the last 5 years. As such he has done a lot of work in the area of cross-border consumer disputes. Among other things his centre was responsible for a report published earlier this year on the practical use of alternative dispute resolution in European cross-border disputes.

Peter Fogh Knudsen is a lawyer and he has previously worked for the Danish Consumer Ombudsman for 4 years, as a lawyer in the telecommunications sector and as a public prosecutor.

Peter is also an associate professor in consumer law at Copenhagen University as well as author of a book for businesses on e-commerce law.

We welcome Peter and look forward to hearing on his views on the use of alternative and online dispute resolution techniques in European and other cross-border disputes.

You can find more information on the Vancouver ODR Conference at: Hopefully we can discuss global methods for dispute resolution that will address the thorny issue of: if you get sent damaged goods, what can you do aside from sending them back.

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