This Week’s Biotech Highlights

This week in biotech was very slimming:

There have been three obesity drugs presented to the FDA for approval this year. The agency has very stringent criteria for obesity drugs because while they could see wide application (sic), the condition they treat is not generally life-threatening. So any signs of dangerous side effects can doom candidates’ applications. The third and final drug, however, Orexigen’s “Contrave” product, won a positive panel vote this week.

The Indian Drug Manufacturers’ Association is lobbying heavily to slim down the free trade agreement being negotiated between India and the EU. They want to accomplish this by keeping “data protection” and other innovator-friendly IP provisions out. So far, generics makers have been the heavyweights (sic) of the Indian industry, but with increasing amounts of innovative activity, India’s official views on IP policy are likely to continue to shift.

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