Social Media Targets for the World’s Largest Law Library

In DC today, the Law Library of Congress unveiled its Strategic Plan for the next five years. While the entire Plan is interesting, Slaw readers may be particularly interested in the Library’s Social Media strategy:

Strategy 6.

Commit to adopt industry standards and best practices while monitoring emerging trends and cutting-edge practices.
1) Update law library data contained on the public website by adding xMl and RDf as available formats for all data and e Pub for published reports by September 30, 2015.
2) Conduct an ongoing review of all law library data contained on the public website and update as needed to ensure availability of data in relevant accepted industry standards by September 30, 2016.
3) Conduct annual reviews of industry standards to ensure compliance of law library data.

Strategy 7.

Use social networking technologies for the purpose of disseminating, receiving, and collecting information. by using standard unit
metrics, demonstrate the depth of value and recruit loyal followers to support the law library brand by using standard web metrics.
1) increase law library staff and partner active participation in law library social networking initiatives like facebook and Twitter to 25 percent of all staff by September 30, 2011.
2) add the library of Congress web-sharing toolbar and links to our social sites to all law library websites by September 30, 2011.
3) Conduct annual reviews of new social networking opportunities and determine appropriateness for law library investment while aligning with library of Congress partners.

The Law Library plan is oriented around the overall LoC strategic objectives.

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