Here Come the Summer Students

This is the season that brings joy to the heart of many a law firm training librarian. Summer students are starting next week – or in some rare cases, yesterday. At Field Law this year we are welcoming one summer student in our Calgary office (Hi Daniel!) and one in our Edmonton office (Hi Kelsey!). April is always an opportune time to revisit the legal research learning objectives so summer associates.

I am certain that most law firm libraries have input, if not full purview, over summer student research training. In the past, my team has used a two prong approach to this task.

  1. Sharing tools
  2. Sharing methods

We have a list of resources that we need our summer associates to be aware of. We also have to reinforce the work done by academic librarians and LRW instructors as to the research process. Finally, we need to have our summer studnets thinking about timelines and applying their research and writing skills to the law firm environment – lawyer demands, client demands, prioritizing, etc.

My April question is always: Are we sharing the right information with the correct methods? Is it appropriate to give born digital students demonstrations of free and fee electronic research sources? Should we be offering questions with hands on assistance – like the “Mom over shoulder” method? What is the best way to share to tools and the methods this year?

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